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Sylvia and Salvador: Music


(Sylvia & Salvador)
June, 2009
Music and Spanish lyrics: Salvador Reyes, English translation: Sylvia Wagers
One of the states of the Republic of Mexico, Michoacán, has many charming villages and a wide range of climates, with exuberant vegetation due to the rich soil.  Yoricostio is one of those charming, picturesque villages. 


Your moonlit, silent, nights are filled
With the scent of tuberose and white lilly.
The wind whispers of old heartache,
Your murmuring waters do not cry.

The light from the fireflies shines
On fresh flowers in the ravine
Young men sing love songs to their sweethearts.

Picturesque Yoricostio
Surrounded by age-old, joyful mountains
That murmur prayers in the whisper
Of the perfume-scented breeze.

When your young men sing serenatas
To the beautiful women of your barrios,
Little by little, their lips meet in a fervent
Kiss that is framed by the light of the moon.